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Convenient location near the beach and the swimming pool with 150 seat capacity, serving breakfast from 6AM to 10AM, lunch from 11AM to 3PM and dinner from 6PM to 10PM; with a variety menus of many special dishes from Asia and Europe. If the guest wants to experience European food style, our staffs are ready to arrange a table right in the garden with luxuriant grass, caressing wind from the sea and chirping sound of the sparrows.

Specially, the Garden View restaurant is always the first choice to order the party package, BBQ party for the family and of course the romantic dinner for the “Romantic Getaways”.

Romantic Get-Away Dinner


Package includes the following for your pleasure:

  • A bottle of house wine
  • Bouquet of red roses
  • Heart shaped chocolate cake
  • Decorated centerpiece
  • Personalized place cards
  • Butter to personally handle your dinner
  • Chef to personally cook in front of you


Please choose your favorite items and then our Chef will serve your meal at romantic places such as the beach, the garden or in front of your room.

1,065,000 VND/package (for 3 persons)

  • Raw oyster with wasabi & soy sauce
  • Dragon egg pancake with shrimp stuffing
  • Seafood soup with seaweed
  • Grilled steamer clam with garlic butter sauce
  • Grilled hard clam with fat and onion
  • Tiger prawn grilled with garlic & butter
  • Marinated squid steamed on hot rock and lemongrass
  • Red snapper grilled with salt and chili (served with rice paper and raw veggies)
  • Fresh fruits

1,420,000 VND/package (for 4 persons)

  • Raw tuna sashimi with wasabi and soy sauce
  • Vietnamese rice pancake with seafood
  • Clam steamed with lemongrass (served with rice noodle)
  • Mussel grilled with green onion and fat
  • Scallop grilled with cheese
  • Grilled calamari with sha cha sauce
  • Sea perch grilled in banana leaves (served with rice paper and raw veggies)
  • Fresh fruits

1,775,000 VND/package (for 5 persons)

  • Raw salmon sashimi & sea urchin with wasabi and soy sauce
  • Vietnamese rice pancake with seafood
  • Tom Yam seafood soup
  • Steamed sea snails (spider conch, ornate limpet, moon snail)
  • Tiger prawn grilled with garlic & butter
  • Grouper grilled in aluminum foil with mushroom and soybean sauce
  • Bagrid catfish hot pot with sour bamboo shoots (served with rice noodle)
  • Fresh fruits